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Fuse ODG defends Shatta’s Grammy entry, calls for a change of mindset

Fuse ODG observed that rather the interest of Ghanaian journalists is to discredit artists and musicians.

UK-based Ghanaian musician, Nana Richard Abiona, popularly known as Fuse ODG, is chastising Ghanaian entertainment journalists for not supporting artistes and producers in Ghana.

Following Shatta Wale’s jubilation over having his name enter Grammy awards because of his feature in Beyoncé’s Lion King album, Fuse ODG has advised critics.

Fuse ODG observed that rather the interest of Ghanaian journalists is to discredit artists and musicians.

According to him, Ghanaians do not like to support anything that is positive.

In an interview with Accra based 3 FM, the Antenna hitmaker said, “How is it that Shatta Wale is on a Beyoncé album, how is it that all these artists and producers are on an album and [you are] trying to discredit them, how does it make any sense”.

Fuse ODG who describes himself as a Grammy award winner because a project that he was part of won a Grammy award stated that instead of entertainment journalists pushing artistes and producers in Ghana to reach the top, they rather spend time discrediting their efforts.

“How is discussing an issue trying to discredit our artistes and producers? How does it make sense? Instead of pushing them to the top, why are we discrediting them?” he quizzed.

Fuse ODG noted that Ghanaians should rather take this opportunity and push the artistes to the rest of the world.

“What benefit is it that we are on this phone line, trying to discredit our artistes…you guys don’t want to support local art, why is it that we are here trying to discredit, it doesn’t make any sense to me,” Fuse ‘angrily’ stated on the radio interview.

A disappointed Fuse ODG in his view said Ghanaians should be encouraging and supporting local artistes and not discredit them.

“I’m still on the same stands that you guys are disappointing trying to discredit our artistes and producers… it doesn’t make any sense,” he stressed.

He indicated that all over the world people celebrate any product that they have been a part of and he has been nominated for the Grammy awards but in Ghana, entertainment journalists will go a long way to discredit artists and producers who are in a similar position such as he is in.

“I’m not gonna have you trying to discredit an artist or producer who has worked so hard to get on an album which has gotten Grammy recognition.”

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