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Paul speaks on working with Joey B as manager

During the explosion of hiplife music with the new wave of young rappers, the artists got celebrated, but there were many behind the scene collaborators with stories to tell, who played their part in adding to the growth of the industry and one of such personalities is Paul Ntim Addae.

”The truth is I became a talent manager because I used to be a party and club person. I hung around a lot of entertainment guys, especially musicians. So I told myself why not try this music thing as a full time business and help an act. I was close to Joey B, so the pairing was easy.

I remember before me and Joey started working officially, he used to call me manager when he stayed with his folks in North Kaneshie, he said.

Joey B blew up pretty quickly, in one year, he was the talk of the town with hit songs such as ‘Tonga’, ‘Wave’ and ‘Otoolege’, the biggest challenge for me was getting bigger songs and with God being on our side we released ‘ U x Me.

Asked if he anticipated Joey B’ success; ”I saw it once out of faith, I said to him, you are going to be the biggest artist in Ghana and will bring a new wave that other musicians will follow. We were in a room, Joey B laughed not because he didn’t believe me, but it was funny and it’s history now.

On his final words, Paul touched on the industry and said now we are getting to a stage where people are becoming afraid of labels and are finding better ways to market themselves, so the labels become almost useless, so the role of the manager is shifting, it is becoming more of a business development role.

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