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Eazzy justifies ‘indecent’ dressing of Ghanaian female artistes

Ghanaian versatile songstress, Eazzy, in an exclusive interview on Joy FM revealed female artists should be allowed to dress the way they feel comfortable in.

According to the “Odo” hitmaker, although the society tag many female artists for indecency, these clothes make them feel much better when they mount the stage due to ones choice of a dress code.

“Mzbel was also very enlightened and ahead of our time. I watched her outfits when I was growing up and it was nice because I watched Beyonce and the likes of Jennifer Lopez do it, but people penalize us too much”, she said.

Eazzy bemoaned the hypocrisy in the music industry wondering why a section of Ghanaians claim to be in tune with the African culture yet like stuff which is not acceptable by society.

We Like to hide behind the whole Africa Culture yet still we like certain things. I feel artists in Ghana should be allowed to wear what they feel much comfortable in.

She believes the music industry will be better if the artist is supported and not being insulted due to their indecent dressing.

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