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Medikal’s display on Tim Westwood TV an unsung piece on his ‘The Plug’ EP

Fans and critics alike as well as music lovers in general have met Medikal’s viral video of his session at Tim Westwood TV with a resounding applause.

The first 30 seconds of his alleged ‘freestyling’ on the show is what granted him the overall appraisal from all and sundry due to its lyrical composition on redefining the African reputation in the eyes of the world.

However, it so happens that his delivery was an actual piece on his EP dubbed, ‘The Plug’ but probably didn’t gain the needed attention as it was rather overshadowed by his other songs with sexually suggestive phrases.

He challenged the status quo and false mindset of foreigners who simply have a negative imagery of Africa in their minds eye due to the false news stories that major news agencies such as CNN and Aljazeera normally project as the African narrative.

A mutual reaction that run through all the comments of viewers suggest that the act has proven Medikal’s artistry to not only be all about profanity, sex and money but an ability to tackle social issues and influence minds unto positivity and productivity.

What’s your take on this new side of the controversial rapper?

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Emmanuel Ghansah, Ghana Music

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