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Lady Prempeh makes a major come back

Lady Prempeh the ‘Odo Yi Wohe’ hitmaker who has been out of the music scene for some time now, has given an exclusive interview revealing how hypocrisy in the gospel fraternity almost made her regret doing a collaboration with Asem.

She stated in the interview how she started singing at age 5 in her local Church of Pentecost in Kwadaso Estate, Kumasi where she grew up, and her fondness for Daughters of Glorious Jesus, memorizing and performing their songs in churches and at crusades.

“I Love traditional gospel, but I always wanted to do something different, I wanted to stand out, something that will bring my gospel music to a wider audience.”

The 2005 new gospel artist of the year recounts how fellow gospel artist attacked and ridiculed her when she did a collaboration with Asem, then of Lynx Entertainment, in 2008.

“Asem was very popular then, and I believed doing the collaboration with him at that time would bring gospel music to a wider youth audience.

The song became very popular, but I had a lot of backlash from people who I thought would support me. Despite that, I carried on promoting and gained more fans”

She continued, “I believe if you have a good heart and mind towards anything you do, you will succeed so I have never been afraid to be a game changer”

“If you are a musician you should be able to do any sort of music since I took that step many years ago I have noticed that lots of artists both gospel and circular like the missing Castro, Sarkodie, Nacee, Herty Borngrate, Nero X and others are also doing similar things.”

“I know I wasn’t the first as the old artist use to do songs that covered all subjects. But I faced a lot of pressure and had to overcome a lot at the time I took that step”.

Lady Prempeh is currently in the studio working on some new materials and is hoping to thrill her fans with yet more surprises and new directions for her brand.

She urges her fans to follow her on her social media platforms, so they are the first to be in the know. We wish her all the best.

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