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Edem signs ambassadorial deal with Snappy snacks

Denning Edem Hottor, the VRMG frontman and philantropist places emphasis on being “SNAPPY” in latest joint.

Being snappy is one of the required rudiments of life, nonetheless, snappy people always get ahead. Reasonable attraction Edem has earned unconditional love, respect and support from many music lovers across the length and breadth of Ghana and
beyond its borders. He is timely, decorated and versatile with a powerful brand.

No wonder he’s a genius with a unique music character, maybe ‘Snappy Snacks’ could be a secret boaster, who knows?

Edem being a tourism ambassador has proved to be “snappy” in discharging his duties hence has earned him another responsibility of being the ambassador of “snappy snacks” with his new single being used as commercials. Sealed and signed, congratulations to Edem on the deal.

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Korku Dey

A photographer who loves to write about music.

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