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Kiyo Dee debuts with the Volume One EP

Kiyo Dee debuts with the Volume One EP

After winning the heart of Ghanaians with his commercially successful single “Lost” under Speech Production, Kiyo Dee follows up with his head-most “Volume One” mixtape album.

A one of a kind versatile mixtape album made of afrobeats, R n B and hip-pop put together within the span of 3 weeks.

The album was uploaded onto iTunes on the 13/4/2018 but it has managed to marvellously supersede albums on iTunes by skyrocketing into the 4th spot on the album chart as well as competing with Sarkodie’s “Highest” album.

Who knows? It can even flower up to be at the first position head-on.

Kiyo Dee debuts with the Volume One EP

Kiyo Dee debuts with the Volume One EP

This is a sign of readiness by Kiyo to announce his presence on both local and international market as well as to tackle the industry by storm with the diversification of new trend and style of music via his maiden album.

The 7 listed mixtape album with songs like 8 o’clock, Magic City just to mention a few which is already the nation’s anthem on our various airwaves.

The album is loaded with a reservoir of wordplay, creativity, high-quality sound production, incredible storylines and punchlines.

Every avid music lover particularly his fan-base will easily gravitate to its content and creativity wise because it speaks volume.

Looking at the cloud of work and energy put into this very mixtape, it’s arresting and mind-blowing, hence it determines the fate of the mixtape.

No wonder its raising eyebrows on iTunes. In as much as the mixtape album is in the capacity to speak for itself, allows your speakers to do the talking.

Curious about what to expect on the album? Just log on to iTunes with the link made available; download, enjoy and get value for your money

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