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Ghana’s gospel music post-VGMA; a note by Cwesi Oteng

Multi award-winning Ghanaian gospel artiste, Cwesi Oteng, is elated about the development on the Ghanaian gospel music scene.

Following the 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards show last Saturday, Cwesi posted on congratulatory messages on social media including a note about excellence rising within Ghanaian gospel music.

Cwesi posted: ‘’ My Observation & Thoughts: Gospel Music & VGMA 2018 Congratulations to all winners and nominees of the 2018 #VGMA especially Joe Mettle for winning & representing the gospel circuit again so well.

The Ghanaian Contemporary Gospel Music movement has impacted the entire gospel music fraternity with excellence and quality creative productions and this has been realised and validated over the last few years.

Again this year, we had a great line up of gospel nominees. Joe’s win of all gospel categories and his earn of Artiste of the Year nomination are wins for all Christians and gospel related artistes, groups and individuals.

This is because one can see excellence is becoming a vital standard with which our Christian or gospel creative works are being recognised, received and accepted.

I personally believe together with ONE voice and vision, Ghana’s gospel or Christian music can impact the world and generations to come greatly.

The era where creative excellence in gospel music was ignored or written off is now clearly over and right here, from Ghana, Christian music can rise to reach every corner of the earth.

The many seeming barriers that exist and systemic agenda at our disadvantage should inspire us, instead dividing and limiting us into protective sub-genre turfs.

We must increase and engage in more fearless conversations among ourselves and on strategic platforms so we overcome our obstacles and journey on.

Let’s begin to see the bigger picture and pursue together God’s agenda for gospel or Christian music, whether urban, traditional or contemporary gospel music.

The harvest is right in front of us and all labourers, though called distinctively with specific assignments, are meant to lead their flock into the same vision.

We are more powerful in our varied uniqueness together than alone! The fact that people are different by looks, gifts and the ways they go about the things of God does not mean they cannot be chosen of God.

He uses who he pleases to use! Let’s support one another and advance together. Let’s get to the good and great work in our Father’s field.

Each of us has a special role to play individually and collectively as the same body. Kindly share!’’

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