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Someone now loves eShun

eShun resurrects the joy of finding a better love partner after being ditched by an non-unappreciative EX relationship by sharing her tales of disdain on the soulful new Highlife single, “Someone Loves Me.”

With a perfect measure of emotion, finely-calibrated vocals and lush melodies, the African songstress rubs it in at her EX. It’s a perfect tease to all unappreciative EX-Lovers.

The three minutes forty-eight seconds audio is a highlife with an urban infusion which gets your soul going. The message is about love, with it plot based on a broken heart. Basically it talks about having a better life partner, after being heart broken by an Ex-Lover. It’s a groovy track with moderate beats to complement it.

One thing for sure is you will definitely dance to the tune when it’s being played. Because of its low tempo, one can listen to it anywhere, any mood, anytime. Be it in a club, car or requesting it as a song to be played for you on radio, this is song that can satisfy that.

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