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Meet Kofie Carter, the new rapper to put Ghana on global charts

Rapper, Kofie Carter this year put out his experimental Project, ‘7%’, which is a list of 7 songs, each with different vibes, made from 2014 to 2016, as he tried to find his own unique sound. It’s a pretty cool project and many who have heard are impressed.

Born Hackman Kofi Owusu-Agyemang II, Kofie Carter is an up and coming musician from Africa. Son of a Ghanaian father and a half South African / Namibian mother, and being raised mostly in Zambia, Kofie Carter identifies distinctly as an African.

Hailing from the eminent Owusu-Agyemang family of Ghana, Kofie grew up in a household that instilled in him the notion that nothing is impossible, and we as humans have no limits if we are driven to accomplish any goal we set upon.
Why the name Kofie Carter? As we may all know, the oldest living president of the United States is President Jimmy Carter. The oldest dream Kofie had as a young boy was to one day become president, with many family friends calling him Mr. President at a young age.

With this and his want to build his career as an artiste in America, and knowing the oldest president of the America is President Carter, he one day had an epiphany that led him to decide on the name of Kofie Carter; touching on his dreams as a boy, where he wants to build his new dream, and identifying with the truly African name of Kofie.

Schooling in Ghana, Zambia, and America, Kofie has experienced many cultures and anyone who knows him will know that his persona has been infused by all these various African cultures and the West, but he remains an African cocktail.

Afro beat/pop, Hip hop, R&B, Pop, House, Hip life and Dancehall are the most popular genres that can be found in Kofie’s music. Trying to create a new sound has been the goal of his music projects and he found this by touching upon all his roots and picking bits and pieces from all music genres which have given him a unique sound. That, mixed with his ability to play the Drums, Piano, Saxophone, Guitar and Bass guitar, makes him different from many other young musicians on the scene today.

Learning and drawing inspiration from artistes such as Chance the rapper; The Godfather of Hip life, Reggie Rockstone; British Afro-rock band, Osibisa; American Gospel music quartet, The Winans; American singer, Frank Sinatra; American Rappers, Lil wayne and Wiz Khalifa. Kofie hopes to one-day touch the world in ways even better than his heroes.
The ultimate goal, beside creating music that will bring rhythm to every aspect of people’s lives, is to show the world the new Africa in the eyes of a proud African.

Looking at his connection with the number seven (7), his career will revolve over 7 phases which will tell a story unlike any other.

Phase 1 currently consists of his seven song project, “7%”, which he had created between the years 2014-2016, taking on recording for the first time, experimenting and in search for his “sound”. This project was officially released on January 7th, 2017; which fell on the same date he officially started his career as an African Artiste to soon change the world.

His music is currently published online and can be found of multiple musical streaming services and platforms such as, Apple music; iItunes; Tidal; Spotify and especially on Soundcloud.

On July 7th, 2017 (7-7-17), Kofie released a single titled “Darty”, which was a short taste & peek into his project, “17%”, which lays out his self created genre, Afro-American, that will soon be released before the end of this year.

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