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Reezon launches GH 2,000 cash dance competition for ‘Your Love’ single featuring EL

Crazy ideas are being employed when one decides to do a video to a song. From the snapchat filter videos to the selfie video, the amount creative thoughts being put into what the make of a music video should be nowadays is top.

ReeZon has released a dance video his song ‘Your Love’. Reezon featured heavyweight EL on his tune with a famed dance crew giving of smooth moves with the sing theme not being lost whiles watching them dance.

There is something else behind the dance video. ReeZon has a dance video contest for his ‘Your Love’ with the chance to $500. The submissions for the contest should be made by September 2nd with the final decision on the winner being made on the 4th of September.

1. Participants would have to download ‘Your Love’ by Reezon ft. EL

2. Have a friend film or record you with a phone or camera doing your best dance moves to the ‘Your Love’ song.

3. Upload the video of you dancing to www.youtube.com or Facebook with hashtag – #showmeyourlovedance or #yourlove

4. You can also mail the video link with your name and phone number to reezongh@gmail.com

5. Don’t forget to use hashtags – #showmeyourlovedance or #yourlove and tag at @thereezon (on Twitter and Instagram)  and @reezongh (on Facebook and Snapchat).

Reezon’s ‘Your Love’ single is receiving good radio airplay on the airwaves now.

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