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Koo Ntakra unveils official artwork for upcoming mixtape

Social media went agog when one of Ghana’s young dominating rapper Koo Ntakra announced the official art cover for his upcoming album.

The Akwapem rapper through his official pages on social media unveiled the art work to the surprise of many after an earlier publication had it there was confusion in his camp ahead of a ‘big announcement’ of which many critics were anticipating to go in that direction, but turned out to be the other way.

Koo Ntakra’s ‘KOK’ which seems to be the acronym of ‘King of Kofcity’ and ‘King of Kings’ has a strong face of the rapper in a skull form placed in the ‘O’ of which is crowned. 

The cover and its inscription has already sparked controversy from the music populace, with some of the view he cannot use the ‘King of Kings’ tagline because of religious background, that, God is the only one to be called as such, others stating he is too young in the music game to claim such a title. 

Whiles majority of his fans online have welcomed the news with huge cheers and battle ready to push him to the apex of the game.

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