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Meet Yine-Win and The Groove Music Band

The Groove Music Band according to Yine -Win was formed under the Groove Music International Ltd in 2013. They started out performing mostly covers on Ghanaian hi-life, Afrobeats, and international jazz songs.

Originally from Bolgatanga in the Northern region of Ghana, the musician believes the new single would have the band’s trademark stylish improvisations that form the undertones of their covers, “‘Love In The Air’ promises to deliver on our African feel our fans are already familiar with.”

Members of The Groove Music Band include George Makae and Moses Laryeah on bass, Yine-Win himself accompanied by Nana Barima on drums and Alex Dade and Frank at the keyboard. The rest are Gotleib Dogbey (guitar), Daniel Adu (percussion), and Talata who does vocals.

What is the indigenous Kolko instrument of Ghana

Think of traditional Ghanaian musicians like King Ayisoba to get a clearer picture of what the Kolko instrument is. According to Yine-Win, “this instrument originated from the Upper Eastern Region of Ghana. It has been in existence for centuries and recognized for both its  rhythmic and melodic sounds.”

“Other great players of the Kolko that have helped project its popularity are Atongo Zimba and Stevoo from Ghana.

The Kolko is uniquely molded in the form of a guitar but has only two strings” according to Yine-Win who revealed he was born into a family of musicians, something which has helped his early journey to pursue music as a career and master the Kolko.

Yine-Win discovered his love for music at age 9 from playing drums at church and listening to jazz. As he grew up he “began to establish a link between music and culture, which led to my affection for the Kolko and desire to fuse it with Afrobeats to project my culture as an African through my music.”

Start watching out for ‘Love In The Air’ come July 31, 2017, and find the performer online as @YineWinGH on Instagram and Twitter respectively.

Source: Oral Ofori

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