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The future is M.anifest – DJ Abrantee

Influential Afrobeats aficionado DJ Abrantee extolled the godMC M.anifest on his popular Afrobeats show on Capital Xtra.

Abrantee, who has championed Afrobeats for several years said,  “The future I believe and I’ll say this and you can quote me on that,  The future is M.anifest.”

M.anifest was stopping over in London to promote his latest single, ‘Do My Own’ ft. bigBen which he premiered a couple of weeks ago.

The interview touched on M.anifest’s beginnings and plans for the future as well as his controversial song ‘godMC’ and how it shook up the music scene.

In the wide-ranging interview full of friendly banter, M.anifest also set the record straight on several issues.

On the entertainment scene and how Ghanaian music can elevate itself, M.anifest said, “We should really embrace the challenges we have instead of pretending.” He added that “we shouldn’t be out here pretending that we are playing on levels we’re not. There are so many levels to scale so we should be real about it, get our hands dirty and get to the grind.”

M.anifest also disclosed that he is working on a remix of Do My Own with a UK artist. Do My Own was recently playlisted by Beats by Dre on Apple Music.

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