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Jeremie narrates her encounter with God on new single

Questions surrounding Live 91.9fm presenter and former 4syte TV presenter Jeremie Van- Garshong and her change to inspire with the truth about her journey to finding herself finally get to be answered. 

After releasing the heartfelt “CALL IT LOVE” piece on Valentine’s Day, Jeremie is following it up with another compelling real life narration  about her first real encounter with God.

A narration of the sort has never been heard before as she sounds like she’s standing next to you while she whispers in your ear her truth.

Marking her Birthday Jeremie seeks to share this as a gift to her fans and anyone who’s broken and might need it.

Titled “Surrender” this heartfelt narration is the realest you will ever hear a person bare their soul. 

Jeremie gets realer than she’s ever been as she relives one of her deepest moments..


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