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GQ riding high with Boogie Down Nima & Boss Nation Empire

It will take decades to finally arrive at the accurate words to define this young, creative and talented musician who goes by the stage name GQ.

As familiar as the name might sound, George Kwabina aka GQ began his career in music with a group called FULL PAGE, until their split some three years ago, full page used to be on top of their game after releasing several amazing tunes which includes ‘Boss Mama’. His talent however couldn’t keep him on the low after the split as his love and passion for music keeps haunting him to do more for his fans.

His love and passion for music made VVIP notice him and signed him to manage him onto their Boogie Down Nima imprint label.

His single titled ‘Pack Your Things’ featuring VVIP created confusion in the minds of some music lovers as they cannot readily tell who owns the ‘Pack Your Things’ song. People of Nima wanted to claim the song as their own because of VVIP’s affiliation to Nima.

But GQ is not worried about who owns the song as he is excited about how the song has gone far. “I love the way people of Nima has accepted and jam to the song. I don’t really care if people say the song belongs to VVIP, they are my label mates so we all pushing on course”, he said.

GQ has been on several tours with VVIP in Ghana, USA and UK. VVIP use GQ as the opener for their concerts and he always nails his performance set to warm up the audience for VVIP to come on stage.

From a humble background, George Kwabina a.k.a. GQ has portrayed a character which qualifies him to be mentioned amongst the best rapper and composers in history as his songs are mostly from a deep and mature mind.

As time went on GQ, moved on to Lil Win’s ‘Boss Nation’s record label after he meet Lilwin in Kumasi at a studio. Lil Win put GQ to a test to freestyle over a beat his in house engineer had ‘cooked’ and as usual GQ didn’t disappoint. LilWin just went straight ahead to pen him down for a contract to his label.

GQ’s current single, ‘Side Chicks’, which is a cover of Lil Win’s ‘I Don’t Think Far’ hit single is another record breaking re-fix any musician can ever come up with. Listening carefully to the song, one would know how different and talented GQ has become in the music circles.

The rapper is ready to entertain and educate other musicians on how to do professional since he signed with Boss Nation Music.

Lilwin known for his creativity when it comes to doing music is set to shoot a music video for GQ this April and with the information we have gathered, it’s a record breaking video which is yet to take over the international market.

Link up with him on his social media platforms and get access to this mind blowing single – ‘Side Chicks’.

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