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Stonebwoy Vex! vows to take on culprits responsible for leaking his song

It was meant to be the biggest end of year song!

BHIM Nations head honcho, Stonebwoy has taken to the streets of Twitter to vent out his displeasure at those behind the leaking of his unreleased end of year banger titled; Activate.

In a series of tweets a while ago, netizens got alarmed about the Stonebwoy’s intentions of getting to the bottom of the matter.

He registered his displeasure tweeting, “The song dier it’s for the masses regardless. it’s the Biggest SONG to lock off The Year though. But that leak leak behavior is old school. Money, time & efforts go waste thus we can’t ignore no more, even the culprits know better they only do it because no one takes them on”.

Well, it looks like someone is really going down this time around for bringing several hours of hardwork to nought just by a single upload of hard earned musical content.

As an advocator against free downloads, we sadly can’t share with music lovers the leaked song except up until its official release. Kindly desist from aiding the spread of the leaked content. Let’s help our musicians earn from the happiness they bring us always.

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