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TikTok star Asantewaa attacked after claiming artistes will never make a hit without TikTokers!

What do you think? Is she right?

TikTok star, Martina Dwamena, aka Asantewaa has come under heavy scrutiny after recently asserting that musicians won’t thrive in the industry without the aid of tiktokers.

Speaking in an interview on the just-ended episode of the United Showbiz aired on UTV, Asantewaa intimated that most TikTokers receive calls from musicians for promotion of their projects on the platform.

She averred that it doesn’t matter how relevant and powerful the musician is or how long the music has played the game but as it stands now, songs cannot garner the desired attention on social media without the help of TikTokers.

“It doesn’t matter how long you have played your music game, when you release the song it is no longer about the craft unless the song is being given to us, else you will have to jam to the song yourself”, she said.

She claimed that TikTokers are the only people with the capabilities and skills to make the song trend on social media in order to reach the desired prominence, else the song might probably fail to penetrate the market.

Well, this comes after the numerous assertion made by some Ghanaian music industry players about the newest intervention, TikTok. The majority has concluded that the video-sharing platform holds the capabilities to enable songs to penetrate the music market.

TikTokers are the main instruments used in achieving such purposes, hence most musicians have adopted the new system of making judicious use of the platform to promote their songs aside from using the traditional media.

However, some music lovers have rebuked social media influencer and TikTok star, Asantewaa for stating emphatically that she and her colleagues are the ones who make songs of artistes go viral and not by any means of their craft. Without them, no artiste can record a hit song, Asantewaa asserted.

“I have always maintained that it doesn’t matter how long you have played your music game. When you make that song, it is not about your craft, you need to get us on board before it can blow. If not, you will be the only person singing the song… We make the song trend,” she noted on United Showbiz on June 18.

Also, Wesley Kesse who was on the show seconded the claim made by Asantewaa. He bragged that they are now the “board of directors” at the helm of music promotion.

Other TikTokers including Jackie, Hajia Bintu, Felicia Osei, and Akua nodded in agreement with their colleague on the show which was hosted by actress Vicky Zugah.

Their statements, especially the one made by Asantewaa, did not go down well with a majority of social media users who have rebuked her for rubbishing the hard work and talent of musicians who work around the clock to produce songs for their fans.

Others who have called out the TikTok star also debunked claims that they hold the keys to making a song trend. According to them, fans and the entire industry are the ones projecting artistes and promoting Ghanaian music.

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