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Pay Ghanaian musicians well – Mark Antwi

Popular artiste manager Mark Antwi, has expressed disappointment that Ghanaian musicians are some of the least paid acts in the world and that even in Ghana; event organizers still pay acts from other countries better.

He explained that though this may be due to the fact that Ghanaian musicians have relatively smaller markets because of the small country size, the disparity in pay levels is overly unfair and cited Nigerian acts as an example.

According to him, event organisers pay Nigeria musicians more money than Ghanaian acts when they come to Ghana, adding “event organisers are not being fair to Ghanaian musicians”.

When asked if one of the setbacks of Ghanaian musicians is the fact that most of them sing in Ghanaian languages, Mark Antwi said he begged to differ. 

“We enjoy and dance to so much music that is not in English. We don’t understand what they are saying but still try to sing along. Good music knows no language barrier”. 

“If you look at the Nigerian songs that have ‘crossed over’ you’ll realize that most of them are in English and Pidgin English. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t do English you can’t go international, but it just means it might be easier in a language that most people can understand”, He noted.

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