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The 3-Day awards seminar of the Volta Music Awards

Over the weekend, the region of Volta came alive as the organizers and partners embarked on a 3-Day Zonal tour of the region to organize seminars in the run up the inaugural Volt Music Awards.

True to it’s billing, the train first set off from Hohoe on the 20th as stipulated on the agenda. Next up was
Ho, the Regional Capital then finally to Aflao, which witnessed the maximum attendance.

Borne out of the primary need of creating awareness, the seminar is an essential component of the Awards scheme and process instigated to educate potential nominees, spell out criteria for nomination & winning, the need for the advent of the award scheme amongst others.

The Volta Music Awards is a far cry from the assumption that other regions are doing same so they also want to follow suit. It was borne out of the need to appreciate our talent and while at it, unite all musicians in the region and also promote our rich culture to the outside world as well.

In a tête-à-tête with the PR wing (Jonilar & Elorm Beenie) of the organizers, they acknowledged that once ago, Nigeria was known for fraud but not anymore. Now where when you hear Nigerian, Wizkid, Davido etc come to mind preemptively. Same way Volta should cease being known for Nogokpo but for what we also have to offer the world.
They ended by adding that, Creativity is a virgin territory in Volta Region. Let us come together and sell it to the world.

Speaking to the organizers, comprising Eventic Ghana, the Volta Regional Chairman of MUSIGA, Tony D, the PRO, Kwame Senyo, the Secretory, Rap Zigi, they unanimously stated that, the advent of Volta Music Awards was lauded at the trio venues as a welcome ingredient to the promotion of talent and culture of the region. Music stars present could not hold back from expressing praise and gratitude for the initiative and are willing to lend their support to see it materialize, they added.

The organizers ended by expressing appreciation to all DJs, radio presenters, Radio stations, V1 TV, Trillion Media, Cubiq Gh, nogokpo.com and all others who have so far supported the project.

As to when exactly the awards hold is unknown but the tentative projection speculated by the PR Tram is later this or early next year. Until then, we endeavour to keep you updated.

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