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Announcing FOCAP – A group to advocate for better positioning of the arts industry

Federation Of Concerned Arts Professionals (FOCAP), a pressure group that plays a watch dog role of providing
information about efforts by various Entertainment sectors to influence public policy has been launched in

Federation Of Concerned Arts Professionals (FOCAP) is an arts-based pressure group of experts that advocates
for the better positioning of Ghanaian arts by providing advice and ideas on Creative Arts problems to fully tap
its economic-driven benefits for all.

FOCAP provides and encourages thoughtful dialogue platform for stakeholders in the arts through fora, seminars,
conferences and workshops for an open exchange of workable ideas and rich knowledge that will help in
transforming Ghanaian Arts.

To help grow the creative arts by playing a watch-dog to project the country’s values as a key driver to
accelerated national development.

FOCAP exists to achieve this vision by subjecting any government or private policy on Arts that is likely to have
systematic implications for development in the industry.

To conduct research, and disseminate knowledge for the development of creative arts and culture in Ghana.
It is also to ensure that every investment done in the creative industry yields better results for sustainable growth.

and development of the sector to enable it contribute enormously to GDP.
1. Play a watch dog role by providing information about efforts by various Entertainment sectors to influence
public policy
2. Helping to grow the Creative Arts Industry by intensifying the promotion of all sectors
3. To positively influence decision makers to help solve issues of the Arts
4. Help unite and foster peace among the Art industry players and various sectors
5. Help develop a competitive creative arts industry by promoting ONLY made in Ghana Arts
6. Accountability and credibility is our hall Mark

MOTTO: HIP- Honesty, Integrity, Progress is what we SEEK for in the Arts Industry

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