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Sam Asari would rather be ‘Alone’ than stressed on new single

Sam Asari drops his chill new single ‘Alone’ and it’s one of our recommended picks of the week! Stream or download ‘Alone’ across all major digital platforms.

With Sam Asari’s quest for self discovery seemingly well on course, ‘Alone’ slots in as an update to his present state – a candid and relaxed experience made surreal thanks to Samcro’s elegant production and some stylishly sang vocals from the artist himself to sell the feel.

We all need some downtime at a point in our lives and that’s exactly what Sam Asari’s new song is about. He wants out of a social milieu that is growing increasingly toxic, and expresses his feelings with lyrics like “Don’t want no stress, leave me alone” and “I like it more when I’m alone”. 

However, beyond all this distancing, ‘Alone’ invites listeners to join in on the hunt for a safe space and nourishes them with some good vibes as a reward.  

“I wrote the song ‘Alone’ in a period where life was very overwhelming for me. I just wanted to relax, have some peace of mind and exist without any pressure from external factors. I needed a moment alone”, Sam Asari shared.

“Because being surrounded by people can be tricky and at times you need to fallback, catch your breath and just be on your own for a bit. That helped me refocus and charge up, so personally I don’t think wanting to be alone is a bad thing. It’s all about balance. But I love it. I can simply zone out and chill – I’m too young to be stressing anyway”.

‘Alone’ is the Ghanaian-Dutch stunner’s first drop since his 2021 EP debut “Soul Searching” and may be part of his next grand move in the industry. 

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