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Meet Baffour Anim: the musical artist who follows “no rules” in defining his own success

His most popular song Dirt gained popularity on Spotify and Apple Music

The Ghanaian-born singer-songwriter, Baffour Anim popularly known as Ba4, is a musician like no other and a man of many talents who has mixed what seems to be all genres with influences of jazz, funk, soul, R&B, hip-hop and classical music.

The standout star, Ba4 is garnering attention with his breakout hit “Dirt” and has made significant strides in building a reputation for himself as a wizard in the digital realm of influence. He is working as hard as ever to not only give his fans the best music but to also be a voice for those who are often left out.

Many artists in today’s day and age are constantly releasing music whether they are singles or entire albums in order to remain relevant in the competitive market but Ba4 has taken a different approach with his projects and developed a cult-like fan base in Brazil and India where non-native English speakers love his sound. 

I want listeners to know that the music is definitely worth the wait,” says Ba4. “It’s a breath of fresh air because it’s not like what’s out right now. 

The music’s so relatable and there’s something for everyone. That’s the main thing for me as an artist as well, is being able to be an artist that people can relate to.”

To date, he has only released five songs onto distribution platforms leaving his audience to want more of his music though he is not shy from comedic antics on his Instagram where he has amassed nearly 22k followers. 

His most popular song Dirt gained popularity on Spotify and Apple Music when his fans would recreate viral videos of themselves on Instagram using his song as a reference for their daily humdrum activities.

It is evident that Ba4’s talent as a songwriter will serve his growing audience for years to come though no one is quite sure  when to expect another surprise release from the eclectic Ghanaian.

About Ba4

Baffour Anim popularly known as Ba4 was born and raised in Akim Oda; a small town in Ghana West Africa until his parents emigrated to the United States in 1998. Upon his arrival in Ocean Township, New Jersey he fell in love with his new surroundings though it took some time to get adjusted to his new way of life. 

In America, he discovered the opportunities afforded to him by his parents who made the necessary sacrifices for him to succeed in the ever-challenging world. In his adolescent years, he spent hours outside with his friends playing sports versus other neighboring communities in Pop Warner Football.

Ba4 attended Albright College from 2008-2012 and graduated with a Bachelor of the Arts degree where he majored in Political Science, French and Native American Religion.

While at Albright he was convinced by his roommate Kenneth Sullivan to pursue music instead of going to law school like he had planned post-graduation.

So like most millennials, he swiftly obliged and relocated to Philadelphia to live with his older brother Yinka and found himself around locals like D. Jones, TJ Atoms and most notably Q3whocares.

Ba4 developed musical ideas and discovered the confidence to pursue his lifelong passion for music in this environment when he began working with Premes, though he wouldn’t release any music until December of 2019. For more information please follow Ba4 on instagram

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