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5 STAR! Boatism releases new single

After the first introduction of ‘Like No Other’, Boatism has now delivered his second music video to his new single ‘5 STAR’.

5 STAR‘ tells the story of a young man who falls in love and feels like a child again in love. Work and other obligations instinctively fall into the background and the playfulness comes to the fore.

Boatism has therefore chosen that the video clip revolves around two children who play together and are not concerned with time or other things. This is how he experiences love, carefree.”

In his first song ‘Like No Other’ Boatism paid tribute to the Surinamese culture by incorporating the kawina sound into the song.

This time Boatism chooses a song that pays tribute to its own culture, namely the Ghanaian culture. The song is very much inspired by ‘highlife’, a genre that originated in Ghana at the beginning of the twentieth century.

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