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Jagonzy drops heavily loaded 18-track ‘New Chapter’ album featuring 50 acts

It features Feli Nuna, Kahpun, Amerado,, Kurl Songx, among others.

Award-winning events promoter, and executive music producer, Julian Asiedu, popularly known as Jagonzy has blessed the world with his New Chapter album available on all digital streaming platforms.

Released on June 25, 2021, it can be sampled and purchased here.

Jagonzy said on his Facebook page that the album which has been a massive community project in the making for him, “features 50 dope artists, 9 wicked producers and 5 deadly video directors”.

Jagonzy, in an interview stated, “Entertainment is one thing I have always been passionate about. As a child growing up in Ghana, I saw my mum and dad playing Ghanaian music greats like Daddy Lumba and Kojo Antwi songs in our home.

Anytime I heard those songs, I danced and imitated them. This is where my love story began with the Ghana entertainment scene. When I entered America, my love for entertainment soared. I never followed trends but created my own paths throughout my decade in the music industry.“

Last year Jagonzy envisioned celebrating a decade in the entertainment industry which got him thinking. Prior to that he had organized shows, put smiles on faces, promoted so many artists, sold out concerts and events, and had dope parties through his untouchable international entertainment franchise known as ‘Shutdown‘ both locally and internationally.

In the thought process he told TheAfricanDream.net that “I had a deep thought about it and had a dream that prompted me to go to Ghana my Motherland and record with these amazing artistes on the album to celebrate a decade in the entertainment industry.

On June 1, I announced my album. And on the 23rd of this month, I again announced my first single featuring the amazing cats from Agona Swedru, to open the floodgates to the release of The New Chapter album.”

Wrapping up with TheAfricanDream.net, Jagonzy announced: “Today, I present to you my debut album. An album that connects me and my talents to the real world. With these amazing souls we were able to tell our stories through music. Let’s celebrate a decade in the industry together. This is the NEW CHAPTER.“

A special album release party and listening session for The New Chapter album took place on Saturday, July 26 at Oro Lounge located at 2975 Brooklyn Park in Minnesota. It featured music from the album and DJs including DJ Mulukuku, DJ Blast, DJ Asumadu, DJ Lyriks and DJ 619. Others were DJ Atomix, DJ Michael, DJ Lib and DJ George.

The party kicked off from 9PM and run till 2AM the following dawn & was hosted by Nana Zibit of Berks Concepts (Atlanta), Coaches of Starbuzz TV (Virginia) and Kofi Mogul of UAMG (Canada).

Artist that performed on the night included Prince Ntow, Arch D Virus, Cilla Ramos, Kweku Bizkit, Henry Luh, Raouf, Bra Ben, Aaron, H.Hardy, Small Temper, Pill Wills, Cboy Cboy, Tung Theory and many more.

The Shutdown boys ended their weekend with their first day time party of 2021 dubbed “LINK UP” in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota where Jagonzy got the chance to sign autographs and vibe with loved ones, family and friends.

According to the assistant executive producer of The New Chapter album and CEO of Berks Concepts, Charles Nana Berko, “it’s summer and we will be outside for a very long time, the weekend was great and we are not surprised about the outcome because this is what we do, we make it look easy but we know the kind of hard work we put in, this album is just the beginning of greatness.”

Co-Founder of the Shutdown Franchise Maxwell Angye better known by his stage name DJ Blast said, “We are going back to our caves, no rushing, time to get back to the drawing board and plan out the next Shutdown party, it’s never enough for the Shutdown boys.

Like my CEO Jagonzy always say ‘the goal is to keep getting better and we do that by promoting love and challenging ourselves through our battles’.

We have an album that might take a year and a half to promote before dropping our next project so for now we will focus on our parties but we are not rushing the vibes.“

With 18 songs and 50 artists, it looks like The New Chapter album will keep fans of Jagonzy, the Shutdown franchise crew, and literally all who helped on the project talking and jamming all year.

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