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Darkowa grabs your attention with ‘Provider’

New signing to Playground music, DJ, producer and artist, Darkowa is set to release her second single, Provider, June 18 2021.

Following up on her debut track, Uber Black, her minimal dubby beats emphasise the electronic afrobeat stylings and soulful artistry.

Darkowa is a Norwegian-Ghanaian artist, producer and DJ offering a new and exciting approach to the alternative R&B, afropop and electronic music genre. With her unconventional nature, she has always stood out in her immediate surroundings.

Darkowa grabs your attention with 'Provider'

Phylis Boateng has made a name for herself as a DJ in Oslo and online under the name TELEFONGRL, but made her debut last year as the artist Darkowa with the self-released track “Uber Black”.

Dressed in a leather jacket, black glasses and militant platform-shoes, Darkowa represents Gen-Z in a very real way, and attracts a cool crowd of like-minded listeners. Darkowa grabs your attention and floats on her star power persona.

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