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Kwamz has evolved over the years and we stan!

Artists come in many forms. There are the ones who master one genre and spend their entire career delivering the best songs they can offer within that category like Kwamz.

There are the ones who center their entire careers living off the success of a few hit records. And then there are the ones who have the skill of adaptability – the rare gift to be able to evolve with the times and the trends. 

Kwamz happens to be the latter. Over the years, fans have witnessed the dynamic superstar metamorphose from the witty new kid on the block who formed one half of the duo, ‘’Kwamz’’ & Flava to a modern megastar who leverages his star power to advocate for social injustice. 

Kwamz became an instant sensation in 2014 when he dropped the worldwide hit ‘Wo Onane No’ with Flava. The song was an incredible bop that had more than half of the globe dancing to a record that represented the twilight of the azonto era.

The incredible success of his earlier releases coupled with his undeniable talent and diligent work ethics earned him tours through the United States, China, Germany and many more countries.

Fast forward, Kwamz has now fully evolved from an act who just wanted to get his music out into a powerhouse who believes he can impact and touch the world through his music.

This is fully exhibited on his latest record called ‘Better Life’ where together with his star-studded cast of featured artistes, he highlighted some of the injustices facing young people in this troubled world.

According Kwamz, he feels much more fulfilled when his music is mused from purposes, he believes in like the fight against police brutality, Black Lives Matter and other notable causes.

He has reiterated that he will continue to play his part in the fight through the means he can and tirelessly echo the message through his music.

Instagram: kwamz123 Twitter: @kwamz_k Facebook: Kwame Kwamz

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