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DJ Ebro features Mike Akox on the Ebro show

Mike Akox, an Australia-based Ghanaian Afrobeats artist who recently releasee “Florence”, has been featured on DJ Ebro’s playlist on Thursday, October 22nd.

Kojo Ebro a.k.a. Oldman Ebro is not a second-rate name when it comes to the music streaming market in recent times, so for him to endorse Mike Akox on his show is a very BIG Spotlight!

With 15 years plus in Australia, Mike Akox isn’t just a lover of music but born into a family of music aficionados. He has been on the music journey consistently (from abroad) since 2010.

Stream here

Mike Akox was officially introduced to the Ghanaian & West-African music market with the now world-renowned “Spectacular”, released earlier this year.

“Florence” is the follow up single from his debut EP titled “Patience” which is starting to generate quite a buzz. Patience EP is set to be released in November 2020 to high anticipation.

Kindly follow him on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @MikeAkox.

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