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Dr. Pushkin cooks up a dope Hip Hop tune; Force of Nature

If you love Hip-hop and for that matter music, then you will appreciate the thoughts and creative elements drawn together to produce this hip-hop anthem – Force of Nature by Dr. Pushkin.

The thoughts of relevance, ability, and execution is something we often underestimate in art. However, according to Dr. Pushkin, “with each passing day, our ability to achieve what we deserve requires us to be a Force of Nature, i.e., to be unstoppable.

This requires harnessing the energies that drive us beyond our will to present what some said was impossible to the world.

”For a lyrically charged song with a heart-throbbing instrumentation such as this, the fine blend of thrill & message can’t be a result of rush, but pure genius.

This is an anthem you can put on repeat as you work out at the gym or run outside – to boost the mood and motivation.

Harriet Tubman, a Force of Nature.

In times like these where #BlackLivesMatter is a major talking point, it is worth noting that American abolitionists such as Harriet Tubman seem poised to be given their due in American History.

The story of Harriet Tubman is one centered on bravery, sheer will, and an advanced thought system capable of hatching the best plans to execute a slave-escape.

She knew the consequences of being caught yet managed to carry out her plans against all odds.

Meanwhile, her role in the Union Army during the American Civil War, as well as her activism in the area of women suffrage, continues to inspire generation after generation.

According to major news outlets the Obama Administration had advanced plans to replace former President Andrew Jackson, a slaveholder, with Tubman on some dollar bills.

She was to grace the $20 bill in particular. Unfortunately, the Trump administration decided to indefinitely delay the process.

The above inspired this ingenious production – Force of Nature.

Despite the world’s cry for racial equality, and a discrediting of anything that amounts to the horrific racial injustices of the past, it appears some world leaders do not seem enthused.

It is therefore appropriate to chant along with Dr. Pushkin & Ataman Nikita:

Ataman Nikita

“You can’t stop the force of nature (4x)

Like A hurricane – I’ll take

Everything in my wake

The real, and the fake

I’ll Never take a break

You can’t stop the force of nature (4x)”

If we are to believe in a world where justice eventually triumphs, then by extension Harriet Tubman, who has been resting peacefully for over 100 years, was and still is an agent of justice.

No one could stop her then, and now – her honor may suffer a delay, but as a Force of Nature, she will triumph.

Getting them Tubmans

For readers who are familiar with P. Diddy’s “It’s all about the Benjamins” soundtrack for the movie with same title, you’ll appreciate the resulting slang that has got many to refer to US Dollars as “Benjamins”.

In these times that racial equality is being given prominence, wouldn’t it be awesome to see one of the few black women who stood firm against slavery, actually acted to free slaves, and later became an advocate against women suffrage to be honored?

The chant, “Getting them Tubmans” is Dr. Pushkin’s attempt at that, a term he hopes comes to become a viable alternative to the one introduced by P. Diddy.

The actions of the Trump administration in delaying the appearance of Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill has been widely speculated to have been done to appease the white supremacists in the said administration’s voting bloc, something any reasonable person should find chilling.

But here is the thing – they can only delay it, not stop it. Again, just as she was during her lifetime, she is an unstoppable Force of Nature, and she will eventually be on the bill.

In fact, we can start honoring her right now by “getting some Tubmans”.

It is notable that we are having this conversation in the context of the concept of money – which itself is a “force of nature” in the economy.

We must build generational wealth, not only score ideological victories, if we are to be truly free. This would be the greatest honor to Tubman’s legacy.

Get out there and get it…

Make more “Tubmans” through publishing deals, endorsement deals, merchandise sale & streams across the world. Make more “Tubmans” in whatever your field of endeavor.

A Force of Nature cannot be stopped. Nature always wins against the inferior minds centered around racism, elitism and any other setback. Keep grinding.

The forces behind Force of Nature

Drawing forces from two other amazing artistes, Dr. Pushkin paints a vivid lyrical picture in Force of Nature.

Slaughter McOndra

Andile Zuma, better known as Slaughter McOndra is a South African artiste whose creativity cannot be doubted. As a Hip-hop and Rap artiste, he’s made inroads into the hip-hop scene with awesome work.

Slaughter Macondra

His “Light” song which features Sean Murf, Frank Saad & TweenNgaane is currently receiving a lot of buzz. Similarly, Heart Break, For the Price (EP), and Blessings & Goals are each earning the deserving rapper the needed applause.   

Slaughter McOndra has collaborated and performed with Sean Murf, Brandon Fuego, Amino Astee, TweenNgane etc. and has also shared stages with Duncan Skuva, Bra Leo, Rare breed, Boxis, and several others.

This year he is planning to continue releasing a number of singles before a planned Mixtape. The skill and creativity brought onboard Force of Nature is indeed telling of Slaughter McOndra’s prowess as rap artiste.

Ataman Nikita

Dr. Pushkin’s brother in crime and label mate Ataman Nikita comes through yet again with a dazzling singing performance on the hook.

He has collaborated with Dr. Pushkin on a number of tracks over the years – as part of the duo Isolirium – and we can’t wait to see more material from the multitalented rapper/singer.

Force of Nature by Dr Pushkin is yet another proof that Hip Hop, and for that matter rap is not dead. Undoubtedly, Hip Hop as a creative way of tackling issues, as well as enhancing societal discourse remains intact – entertainment enshrined in intellect.

Enigmatic rappers (musicians) often employ the varied forms of the genre for a purpose that transcends entertainment. It is therefore exciting to have another well produced, well performed song in a time where mumble rap, filled with booty talk & drugs dominate.

Harriet Tubman, who stood against slavery by aiding the escape of slaves would be proud to see young people in a tumultuous time stand out, and speak out through a creative medium such as music.

Are you ready to get them Tubmans? Put the track on repeat and let’s go!

Checkout Force of Nature & its Lyrics via this link.

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