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Kensah: the latest US-based Ghanaian Hip-Hop debutant

He spent his school fees once on recording a demo

Budding US-based artiste Micheal Acheampong, with showbiz name Kensah, is a Ghanaian born artist en route to stardom and worthy of attention.

Growing up in Kumasi, Michael cultivated a passion for music in his early years, becoming a BIG fan of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

He drooled his love for music from the legendary Michael Jackson until he switched to become a hiphop enthusiast.

This would come to fruition through a neighbor who frequently had artists like 2pac, NWA, Big L, KRS One, etc. on heavy rotation.

Intrigued and in awe of what he had heard, a young Acheampong’s sights were set to the then sprouting culture of Hip-Hop and unbridled ambition was born.

Michael’s new-found zest for Hip-Hop inspired him to write his own lyrics and to test his might occasionally.

Consequently, he earned the chance to exercise his rhyming and vocal prowess on the cover songs of cohorts who found his content impressive.

In 2006, a 16-year old Michael pushed for a studio session to record his first ever song in South Suntreso, at the expense of his school fees.

His bold step would soon pay off, and in no time, feedback from the record, as well as successive ones were fairly positive.

In 2007, Michael left Ghana for the United States of America and has since been a denizen of New Jersey.

There, he dedicated himself to reviving and refining his innate artistic talents to become who he is today; Ohene Kensah.

Today, Kensah is a fully realized indie artist with plans of coming back home to break into the Ghanaian music space.

He believes the time is NOW and views the new wave of Ghanaian audiophiles as one open to music beyond mainstream. It’s his golden chance at stardom and to Kensah, missing out isn’t an option.

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