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Patricia Baloge debuts with ‘Desire’

Brooklyn-based DJ of Ghanaian descent, Patricia Baloge has built an unshakeable reputation over the years with her eclectic mixes and a groovy blend of deep house and Afro sounds.

Delving deeper into the world of production, Patricia Baloge has released her debut single ‘Desire’ via VNUS Records.

‘Desire’ is an exotic creation that perfectly embodies Patricia Baloge’s diverse musical background and an all-embracing signature sound.

Blending elements of Afro-house and crisp percussion with her alluring vocal overlays, the track is a melodic and soulful debut that is sure to seamlessly flow within her meticulously crafted live performances.

Patricia Baloge debuts with 'Desire'
Patricia Baloge debuts with ‘Desire’

To prove that her talent runs deeper than simply behind the decks, Patricia Baloge is passionate about initiating a cultural conversation on the dancefloor, allowing others to embrace their differences through love and the pure power of music.

Hailing from Ghana, growing up in Montpellier, France and currently Brooklyn based, Patricia Baloge has been exposed to a variety of musical genres.

The vocalist and producer’s bona fide passion for Afrohouse was what inspired her to embark on her musical journey that infuses a plethora of musical stylings and genres into one cohesive blend.

With her ‘Mood Mix’ series garnering a solid online following, Patricia Baloge believes “we’re here to put every possible expression of ourselves out in the world”.

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