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Gibrilville awarded for: Black Cadillac Season 3 album

American-based Ghanaian hip-hop artiste, Gibril “Gibrilville” Mansaray’s
‘Black Cadillac Season 3’ has been awarded Best Rap / Hip-Hop Album for the month of March 2019 by Akademia Music Awards.

His laurels began when he created his band at NYC’s Smash Studios, picked up by I.C.E. and held for nine months.

Afterwards, he jumped back into the studio and recorded a new EP, “Black Cadillac Season 1” which was mixed by multiple Grammy Award winner, Gordon “Commissioner Gordon” William.

He moved on to to do an EP series with “Black Cadillac Season 2” and the latest one “Black Cadillac Season 3” which has earned him an award.

The EP is characterized by massive jazz progressions, strong, soulful choirs, and fragments of neighboring genres. Rock can be heard within the bowels of buzzing, electric guitars that wisp in and out of the album.

He stays true to his motherland with the impression of Afro-beat, through his ostensible quakes of Hip-Hop. Outside of thunderous boom-bap and trap drums, the ultimate element that gives this fourteen track opus a definite Hip-Hop quality is Gibrilville’s powerful raps.

The awards scheme had this to say about his artistry:

The Akademia Music Awards is pleased to present the award for Best Rap / Hip-Hop Album to Gibrilville for ‘Black Cadillac Season 3’ for the month of March 2019. It is the opinion of The Akademia Board that this work represents an important contribution towards the diversity and advancement of the global music community.

The Akademia Music Awards is dedicated to recognizing and rewarding top musical talent from all across the globe. Each month, an executive team reviews hundreds of music submissions in each genre to identify and select the top artists.

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