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Blackbusters making waves in Europe

Two heads are always better than one but two distinct African music heads will lord over lots of artists with good music. No need to look back as Nico and Vinz proved this with their hit song Am I Wrong.

The Norway based two African young men who blazed through the charts trace their ancestry from Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire respectively.

This partnership would have a played an influence in the formation of the group Blackbusters. Blackbusters is an electronic music group consisting of a Ghanaian MC Rhymes-Apple and DJ Stevoo from Ethiopia.

The group first gained popularity in the middle of 2015, after hosting a night party in one of Asia’s most famous nightclubs, Playhouse Night Club. During late 2016, they released successful club mixes, which charted on websites including Pyro, iTunes and Beatport.

They then put out their first promo videos such as ‘We are the Blackbusters’ which became viral sensations with each gaining over ten thousands of views on Youku. With their new found fame, the BlackBusters performed at many events, clubs and festivals including the Harbin Beer Festival, BeatFloor Music Festival and Lantern Music Festival. The group also performed at “Lexis court and Friends” on Radio 1 in 2016.

The group in 2016 decided to take control of their own affairs when they signed on to their own record label, Hero Family under which they released their first international single on 20th December, 2016. They went ahead to announce on their social media page their first tour, “Energy Tour”, with a record of 60 shows in 42 cities in Asia within a two month  period.

Rhymes-Apple Ofori-Atta known by his stage name MC Rhymes-Apple holds a Bachelors degree in Arts and double Masters Degrees in Entertainment Management and International Trade. He started recording his own music in 2003 during his high school days before he released a mix tape in 2010 titled ”Fruity Juicy”.

Rhymes, used to be a party mc before he later settled to be residence MC in Beijing Circle Club. He has participated in several Music festivals, which includes the Annual Qingdao Beer Festival, Budweiser Festival and the Harbin Music Festival.

Rhymes has taken part in and won various competitions and awards including: MMG Awards 2016, GETV TOP 10+ MCs 2016, HK Rap Competition HK 2014, Laowai Nightlife Award 2014, and Expats Personality Entertainment Awards (EPEA) 2013.

DJ Stevoo is a well-spoken and articulate professional Disc Jockey. He has the experience in working on Radio, clubs and music festivals. He started to have a passion for music as early as age 13. Steve is one of the fastest growing young DJs and producers for electronic dance music.

Stevoo’s style of music and selection of playlist moves the crowd. He has been invited to tour a number of well-known brands and music festivals around the world. He has consistently remained in the electronic music industry largely because of his originality and collaborations with other DJs around the world.

In 2016 he became more famous on music download websites, especially on”PYRO” music website, getting over 2million plays.

Together the BlackBusters hope to write their own history in Asia and across the world.

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