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Behold, as Pat Thomas lights up Glastonbury

The Glastonbury music festival ended yesterday night with an awesome performance from Ed Sheeran.

The Britain pop star’s performance was one for the books as the shell-shocked crowd couldn’t get enough of him. Arguably Britain’s biggest music artist now, Ed put up a legendary performance to shut down the 2017 Glastonbury festival.

But days earlier and way before the Eraser singer got on stage, there had been a Ghanaian presence on the festival stage. This legend went on to deliver a wonderful performance that is still being viewed on BBC’s YouTube channel.

Leading the Kwashibu Area Band to the festival stage was celebrated Highlife artist Pat Thomas. The Ghanaian legend and his band gave the festival crowd what they needed from Glastonbury, greatness.

Pat Thomas’ status as a legend was further engraved he put up that energetic and terrific show with his band.The crew performed Gyae Su, literally translated as Don’t Cry, to much crowd delight.

He uniquely used the African drums and instruments to make the composition sound genuinely African to the layman’s ears. Pat Thomas and the Kwashibu Area Band also were draped in wonderful African prints to further complete their whole set.

The Glastonbury festival ended yesterday after awesome performances from every artiste who featured on it. This was even before Ed raised the bar from great to legendary. But before there was Ed, there was Pat Thomas and the Kwashibu Area Band. Legends always play to the big crowds.

Watch the performance below.

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