Jay Bahd shuts down Independence Champagne Spray event in Kumasi!

Just a piece of the Asaaka Boys and the roof was on fire!

With just one member, Jay Bahd of the Asaaka Boys group representing at the Independence Champagne Spray event held in Kumasi, the crowd still went bonkers singing every song the rapper sung on stage.

The group which has become the hottest in the Ghanaian music industry turned up the heat at the event.

Jay Bahd singlehandedly turned the place upside down with his electrifying performance, unique deep voice and infectious dance steps when he was called upon to entertain the people.

It is now clear why Mike Dee, the best friend of the late American rapper, Pop Smoke was blasting Jay Bahd’s song ‘Condemn’ in his car a few days ago.

The rapper’s ability to rap on drill beats surely reminds him of his late friend. At the party, Jay kept the crowd on their feet all night long with songs from the group as well as his.

Although the group is going through a rough patch, he killed the show and left the people asking for more.

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Emmanuel Ghansah, Ghana Music

Singer, Songwriter, scriptwriter, blogger, lover of the creative arts, brands and communications expert.

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