Why Shatta Wale commands the largest Fanbase in Ghana

Shatta Wale shuts down Loud in Bukom together with Tinny.

Two of Ghana’s renowned acts who have stood the test of time in the Ghanaian music industry, Tinny and Shatta Wale, headlined Loud in Bukom over the past weekend which was filled with several interesting sights and sounds.

It was highly anticipated that Shatta Wale would bring the numbers and would also exhibit a stellar performance but certain mannerisms of his highlighted why he commands the largest fanbase in Ghana.

To commemorate the Homowo festival, Loud Mix Gh., in collaboration with Halifax Entertainment and other partners, put together a concert that witnessed a multitude of music lovers show up to see Shatta Wale and Tinny, who headlined the concert.

In a well-organized concert, all supporting acts put up such impressive performances including the co-headline act, Tinny, however, it was Shatta Wale who ‘stole’ the night and morning with yet another mind-blowing delivery.

Coming in just minutes after 3am, the ‘Melissa’ hitmaker dished out over 100 of his hit songs, stretching his performance till almost 7am, where he had to be ‘begged’ to stop.

Flanked by his Militants, Shatta dropped one hit after the other with such verve, energy and aplomb, much to the delight of the fans, who sang along every record that was played.

several highlights of his performance worth acknowledging was when he related with bothe the entire audience and a few fans individually.

He called out a young guy who had made a rough sketch of Shatta Wale and was pushing through the crowd for Shatta to see.

He noticed him and called him upstage and blessed him with GHS 200 to buy more stationery to perfect his craft.

He wore a silver chain thrown at him by a fan from the crowd on top of the gold chains he wore while being humbled by his speech in trying to understand why he still receives gifts from fans even though he is well to do than some of them.

He sarcastically bought an entire bowl of chewing sponge being sold by a hawker who had also stopped to enjoy his performance, put some in his mouth and threw the rest to the fans after several hours of performing and announced to them that it was morning and they now had to brush their teeth.

Another fan threw a clothing branded with the American flag but he kindly turned it down and took the opportunity to encourage the thousands gathered to buy Made in Ghana goods.

He called that particular fan unto the stage and gave him a free branded cap which was made in Ghana.

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