Two DJs and a buffet of artists at Dansoman Food Festival

Music is an integral part of our culture and as such the upcoming Dansoman Food Festival will not be whole without it.

The Dansoman Food Festival is a buffet style food festival showing selected dishes from all ten regions of the country. The main goal of the event is to promote the Ghanaian culture, that is, the food, drinks and music .Our rich heritage can also be found in our local dishes.

There will be food vendors at the event venue, Pages Event Center, should your taste buds over salivate to the tongue-tempting exhibited dishes.

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Also present at the venue will be music DJs serving you with palatable tunes. Good music is sure to make your desire to feast on the dishes present go up. So for the event, QBE Ghana has secured the services of two DJs whose playlists should get you glued. DJ Sleek and Da Ghost (DJ Trigg Tod) will be on the turntables to dish out good funky music.

That is not all, as there will be music artists dishing out unforgettable performances during the event. Artists performing at the event on the 21st of September include Keddi, Akesisem, U2Jay, 2kings and Lil Kid.

Akesisem is known for consistently emerging as the winner of rap battles on the influential radio music show Kasahari Level on Adom FM. 2kings is a music duo who channel their emotions, thoughts and feelings into writing music. U2Jay is another dynamic music group who songs often lean toward love themes.

All these DJs, artistes and more will be present at the 2017 Dansoman Food Festival on 21st of September. This promises to be yummy.

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