Battle MC (BMC) Rap Battle to unearth underground rappers

A rapper’s formative years are the toughest. He/she goes through all sorts of obstacles before the first song is even produced. Obstacles that are both internal and external will go on to influence and define the path of the artist.

In this part of the world, opportunities to go through these formative years are few and hard to come. By the time you do find one you will have had to battle a greater obstacle in your path, i.e. your parents. To openly tell your dad / mom of your desire to rap at an early age isn’t something you should look forward, at least in these times.

Look one wouldn’t even advice you to because when you do you are either being shut down or you are being shut down for good. These are what the typical Ghanaian rapper goes through, some don’t make it all the way whiles some persisting others do. From these indicators to be an underground act is tough and stressful with little or no platforms to horn your talent.

But there have good news, look away unsupportive parents there is a rap battle show that helps and promote underground artists in town. From the young creatives at Kurko Productions comes our way on a weekly basis with the Battle MC (BMC) Rap Battle.

The BMC is a one-on- one rap battle league that is designed to be a concert. The BMC has as its prime focus to engage young upcoming rappers in a rap battle amongst themselves after which a winner will be crowned. Young rappers should get into battle mode now.

This epic competition according to the Kurko Productions will be held on a monthly basis at centers that include the streets. Yes sir the streets, the conveyor belt of all raw talents is not left out in the staging of this show. This is a sure bet to lure and get the best underground artists that there is in each neighbourhood.

Apart from the platform it offers, the underground artist I’m sure will want some form of funds to aid them in exploring their talents to the furthest. Listen up, BMC has that covered. The BMC intends to reward the winner with a cash prize and other packages. This is a rap battle and there is only a fitting way to choose a winner, through the audience.

This is the moment to pursue your talents and have the opportunity to chisel edge your skills.

The underground should be heard, and heard they will be.

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