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Catch the global YouTube premiere of ‘An Evening With Sona Jobarteh’ on April 10

Although born and raised in London, Sona Jobarteh is a proud Gambian multi-instrumentalist, composer and educational activist from the five principal kora-playing griot families in West Africa and also the first female professional kora player to come from a griot family.

She’s a cousin to the celebrated kora player Toumani Diabate as well as the sister of the renowned diaspora kora player, Tunde Jegede.

The virtuoso made her debut as a film composer in 2009 when she was commissioned to create the soundtrack to a documentary film on Africa entitled Motherland.

Spending significant time in both England and the Gambia, she blends different musical styles, from both the European and West African traditions; an attribute that has made her a delight to behold during her live performances.

What has kept her going over the years is the fact that her music simply transcends language barriers, makes people happy but more importantly, reaches deep emotions.


It’s no surprise that her works precede her name as she prepares for ‘An Evening With Sona Jobarteh’ – global YouTube premiere of exclusive previously unseen live performances with her band and a documentary that details the origination of her artistry.

Expect a live Q & A session with Sona as presented by Simon Broughton, editor of Songlines Magazine

It comes off this Saturday 10th April, 21:00 GMT and will feature her signature stringed instruments, vocal dexterity, amazing bandsmen and the peculiar sound that she’s known for.

Tickets are selling fast at Eventsbrite.com

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