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Above the Wicked! dESH.DUBS unleashes a timeless string of 10 songs in new album

Fresh off an 8-month hype rail, dESH.DUBS’ highly anticipated 10-track album, ‘’Above the Wicked’’ is officially out for staunch fans and critics alike to get into.

The Zambezi icon’s new work is simply the type you’d love to get in an entanglement with; it’s super approachable, listenable, has lasting replay value and is clever enough to give a rewarding feel in the end.

That’s not even considering its ninety’s vibe which nostalgia-enthusiast are sure to drool over during its entire 30-minute run. Stream/listen here.

According to the cross-media badmon, ‘’Above the Wicked’’ was to test the outcome of having select Zambian artists and producers he was drawn to aboard, which we now know builds up to one hell of an experience.

Alongside its wicked title however, is its concurrent theme of relationships and love; a welcomed tone for February. Now, without further ado, suit up as we get into dESH.DUBS’ beautiful mash of Reggae, Afrobeat, R&B, Hip-Hop and Dancehall!

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Right from onset, the album displays a good measure of quality with its opener, ‘Stronger’. It rocks a renewed energy which alludes to its title and has the main star deliver some husky vocals guaranteed to recreate that classic reggae vibe.

The ride gets intense on ‘Hold You Down’, a sweet mix of R&B and Reggae that has guest artist, Ariel gracefully cruise the ballad in a fancy voice. ‘Champion’ drops next, rocking an upbeat rhythm akin to that of Dancehall.

dESH’s confidence on the song is a centerpiece of its perspective, one that leans in on a champion’s frame of mind. Another blast many will find is in ‘Favorite Ways’. The longest off the album, it features Peter Bob who helps lay the song’s message on a lush bed of vocals and lyrics.

The remaining songs on the album: ‘Legacy’ (feat. Hamoba); TY2 features, ‘Need You’ and ‘Red Starr’; ‘Sevena Melody’ (feat. Milz); as well as its bouncy finale, ‘Above the Wicked’ all have their fair share of thrill.

dESH.DUBS is a Dutch-Zambian artist hailing from Ndola, Zambia, together with a legendary band of artists; Joe Chibangu, Sailee Nyondo, Louie X, Nasty D and 2wice. Combined, the sextet are responsible for a slew of refreshing sounds best captured as modern Zambian music.

If you’re on the lookout to try out a good Reggae album for 2021, dESH.DUBS’ new offering is the smoking gun! You’d appreciate his take on the very humble, yet timeless genre.

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dESH.DUBS - Above The Wicked 0.JPG

He doubles as a writer, citing the likes of Fugees, Shaba Ranks, Buju Banton and Busta Rhymes as major influencers to his sound. dESH also bears the tag of social activist and researcher in light of his degree in African Studies.

We’re convinced ‘’Above the Wicked’’ has what it takes to hold its own at the highest level. It’s adequately relaxed and drenched in very good lyrical content.

Instagram: desh_dubs Twitter: @dESH_ Facebook: DESH DUBS

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