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Melodic! Lorreta prepares for Gone Too Long EP release

Out of Durban, South Africa comes Lorreta, a very swaggered vocalist that has the R&B flair that reminds us of the late Aaliyah with her melodic voice mesmerizes her listeners.

Following the success of Lorreta’s debut single, “Mood”, MTV Base blasted Lorreta on social media as their ‘One to Watch’, not to mention being the only female to win the SlikourOnlife “Underdog” competition for emerging talent within the SA Hip-hop.

Melodic! Lorreta prepares for Gone Too Long EP release
Gone Too Long EP art

In her own words: “Those closest to me, my supporters/fan base and acquaintances through the years have been asking for a lot of songs I only ever seem to play when I attend party’s, visit or host listening sessions and in the studio

So I decided to compile a mixtape of these songs as far back as when I first started. ” Lorreta said.

This unique opportunity will allow me to share my story and to bring you guys along to understanding the ‘new’ Lorreta that’s about to hit; I don’t want to leave anyone behind.

There’s a new wave that’s coming after this release in South Africa and not just for me, so I suppose, in a way this mixtape will be my origins story.

The daughter of a South Africa Jazz musician, the Gone Too Long EP is a straight-up collection that highlights the poetic yet swaggered approach in which Lorreta (affectionately known as, LoLo) approaches music.

Melodic! Lorreta prepares for Gone Too Long EP release
Gone Too Long EP tracklist

Overall, it contains an interpolation of old school 90’s Rnb and Hip-Hop sounds.

The aim of the “Gone Too Long EP” is for audiences to contrast and compare LoLo’s older sounds and approach to music as well as to track her growth and development as an artist.

“Gone Too Long EP”, will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Deezer, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube from May 22.

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