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Nadia Nakai has released ‘More Drugs’ feat. Tshego

‘Nadia Naked’ was released on 28 June garnering rave reviews from industry folk and the masses alike, with ‘More Drugs’ being a unanimous favourite off the bat.

Nadia Nakai calls on the suave singer, Tshego, to lay down the hook.

“All I ever wanted was some more love
I been feeling lonely on my tour bus
Everything I did, I did it for us
Got me thinking, ’bout to get some more drugs
We were better when nobody knew us
Then you started changing when I blew up
You been getting loose and now it’s screwed up
Sippin’ D’usse while I throw the deuce up”

Nadia Nakai

‘More Drugs’ speaks on love and relationships that are overshadowed by hype and the promises that turn into lies.

Holding it down on the continent as one of the most fierce females in the Hip Hop game, Nadia goes right in with her first verse

“As a man you were meant to protect me
Why you let these bitches disrespect me?
Knowing damn well that would affect me”

Nadia Nakai

“More Drugs relays how I was feeling at a certain point while making the album. I am not a drug addict but it tells a story of going through heartache that makes you want to take something to numb the pain because it is not subsiding or going away.

This is something that most of us have experienced”, says Nadia.

Produced by Alie Keys and Tshego the song has a catchy, melodic hook making ‘More Drugs’ a perfect jam for this summer.


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