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Lady Zamar announces new Album, “Monarch”

Coming off the success of her debut PLATINUM album, King Zamar; Monarch is a 20-track body of work which will showcase the Queen of Dance music’s growth.

“The Monarch butterfly is one of the biggest butterflies in the world and has a self-defense mechanism that makes it poisonous to predators… but it is also beautiful.

What better way to display the multifaceted nature of being a person and a woman, than to name my album after this beautiful, fragile yet dangerous creature” she Zamar.

The result is an album that is lyrically viscous but that has still been able to maintain all the infectious dance of a Saturday night in Mamelodi. With only two features, Monarch is truly a solo project.

Lady Zamar – Monarch


  1.  This is Love
  2.  Adore
  3.  Be Mine
  4.  Delirium
  5.  Sunshine
  6.  Donatella
  7.  I wish
  8.  Destiny
  9.  More and More
  10. Our Process
  11. Dangerous Love
  12. ICU
  13. Delaware
  14. Addiction
  15. Mary Jane
  16. Sharp Shooter
  17. Say Yes
  18. Low Low
  19. Fat Girl
  20. Freedom

Monarch never lacks a sense of auditory adventure.

This Is Love by Lady Zamar

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