Cwesi Oteng releases two singles off his new album

The entire sound/atmosphere of Ghanaian Contemporary Gospel Music changed when we woke up one morning, turned on our radio sets and heard Cwesi Oteng and Flo Riva’s “But for your Mercy”.

Cwesi Oteng’s “Mercy Project” for me is a landmark in Ghanaian Contemporary Gospel Music. Think about Fusion and Flo Riva. In 2012 we witnessed the marriage of great backing vocals and remarkable band musicianship, such mastery!

Arguably, you can say the sound of contemporary music changed after that; lyrics, composition, band musicianship and vocals. Today we can boast of great singing groups.

But am i permitted to say, “Flo Riva started it” ??? Kpabitey, Felix Jackson, Mawuenami (hope i got that right) and Joshua, just splendid.

Cwesi has released two singles from his new album. And its so obvious that this Album sounds different from anything we have heard on our shores. Its different. Very different.

When you hear a Ghanaian Gospel Album there are some progressions, drum rolls and patterns you expect to hear.

Why? Its because for some time now our compositions and arrangements are very SIMILAR. Contemporary Gospel Music for the past 3 to 4 years has sounded the same. Its like we’ve been “thinking in one box” for a while. Thats not bad. We have had some very great songs these past years. Very remarkable.

But Cwesi is taking us to a place, i believe. And i say this with regards to skill and musicianship. Nothing spiritual. And nothing to get people hating. Its a new sound he’s bringing on board; a new idea.

Kudos to Cwesi and his team. Lets celebrate people now that we can.

Lemme end by mentioning someone i believe is going to take us to “another place” also Min. Calvis Hammond.

God Bless!

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