List: Top 10 songs by Tic Tac (Tic)

Since his debut in the late 90s up till now, Tic (previously Tic Tac) has been a relevant name in the Ghanaian music industry.

In simple terms, the history of Hiplife cannot be written without stating his influence!

As a young man whom folklore will remember for his desire to be fashionable including his easily recognisable polkadot dyed hair, Tic tore the veil off an infant industry with a smash hit that placed him at the top.

And he stayed at the top for years with exciting songs that have etched their names in Ghanaian society, Nigerian society, and the world.

Top 10 songs by Tic (Tic Tac)

  1. Philomena
  2. Mmaa Formula
  3. Shordy
  4. Fefenefe
  5. Shine Your Eye
  6. Kwani Kwani
  7. Kangaroo
  8. Bosoe
  9. PeNe MaMe
  10. Kwani Kwani Part 2

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