List: Songs that detail the rise of Kumerica

Over the past few weeks, a whole new culture of music has been gaining momentum in the country through social media with its origins being traced to Kumerica.

Yes, Kumerica – a sobriquet for the country’s second biggest city, Kumasi – is producing a whole new movement of music, its fashion sense, music videos and genre to match the catchy Kumerica name.

Fusing US Drill music, UK Mumble rap and Hiplife, the young musicians are exploring their creativity to levels that have not been seen for sometime in the country in a genre they call Asakaa music.

Notable among these young artists frontlining include Reggie, O’Kenneth, Jay Bahd, City Boy, Kawabanga, Kwaku DMC and Kweku Flick with culture fitting music video directions from Cosmos Boakye.

If by any chance you don’t know what music from Kumerica sounds like, press play on the playlist below.

  1. Kweku Flick – Money
  2. Kawabanga ft. O’Kenneth, Reggie & Jay Bahd – Akatafoɔ
  3. O’Kenneth & Reggie – Ya Parke
  4. Braa Benk ft. Kwaku DMC – Dabro
  5. Reggie – Akata Gang Gang
  6. Kweku Flick – Awake
  7. Jay Bahd ft. Kwaku DMC & City Boy – Suzzy
  8. Oseikrom Sikanii ft. Ypee – Never Give Up
  9. Kwaku DMC ft Jay Bahd x Obey x Bra Benk x City Boy – Booze (Drunk Music)

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