List of Top 10 Asem songs

Asem emerged in 2008 as one of the artists who was spearheading a new generation of Ghanaian musicians after he released his ever-popular Gimme Blow.

Ten years later and Asem, aka Wo Be Da Ntem, and one-time Tema foe is nowhere to be seen around the music scene.

To appreciate his influence over the course of the decade we at GhanaMusic.com present to you with 10 songs that celebrate the talent of Asem.

  1. Gimme Blow
  2. Bye Bye
  3. No More Kpayor
  4. Gimme Blow Remix
  5. Pigaro
  6. Suuliya
  7. When I Get You
  8. Love
  9. School Dey Bee
  10. Last Song
Gimme Blow
Bye Bye
No More Kpayor
Gimme Blow Remix
School Dey Bee
Last Song

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