List of 10 Ghanaian music duos and their best hit ever

List of top Ghanaian music duos

The Ghanaian music industry has had its fair share of such joint ventures and has been blessed by some exceptional pieces over the years.

A solo artiste could make a good impression during the tenure of his or her career but as the saying goes,’ two heads are better than one”.

Hence, one can never underestimate the necessity and synergies created when two individual music talents join forces to debut as a music duo.

Here is a list of some of your favorite music duos and their respective hit singles that once rocked your world:

  1. Nkasei – Tuobodom
  2. Buk Bak – Klublofo
  3. Akyeame – M’asan aba
  4. Willie and Mike – Mempene
  5. Keche – Alunguitugui
  6. Bradez – Simple
  7. Jane and Bernice – Se Enye Yesu Mogya
  8. Suzzy and Matt – Kyerɛ Me
  9. Tagoe Sisters – Anka Matiti
  10. R2Bees – Walaahi

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