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Another Song Theft! MBoy calls out Elizha over ‘Lijeje’ in heated exclusive interview! Watch Now!

Who stole from who? Elizha must answer ASAP!

In the wake of various song theft claims within the Ghana music industry, our attention has been drawn to a similar issue by burgeoning act, MBoy after we posted the song of US-based female act, Elizha.

The song under contention here is dubbed, Lijeje (Calm Love) and was allegedly written by Tsatsu Richmond who goes by the stage name MBoy (Music Boy).

In an exclusive interview with Ghanamusic.com, he admitted that he linked up with Elizha through his record label owner who lived closer to the female artiste in Chicago.

The label owner introduced MBoy, his artiste to Elizha and she dropped down in the motherland to record 2 songs written by MBoy of which Lijeje was a part.

The songs were written on the spot in the studio for Elizha only for MBoy to see her making attempts to release the song on social media some weeks later.

It was officially released without having settled the monetary side of the deal on the part of Elizha whao had by this time travelled back abroad.

Despite several attempts by MBoy’s management to cause her to retract the song and settle the songwriting deals first, she turned deaf ears to their call, texts and e-mails even to the extent of blocking them on all her socials.

That’s when they knew they had been ripped off and began legal proceedings but to save the long haul of these bureaucratic processes, MBoy equally released his version of the song with the smae lyrics but different genres.

Here all that he has to say in the interview above and judge for yourselves!

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