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1 on 1: Medikal & Quamina MP would die for me – Sista Afia

Female songstress, Sista Afia, was in our studios recently and dropped several exclusives from her camp in an interview including her thoughts about Medikal and Quamina MP, Patapaa’s artistry, Archbishop Duncan Williams, her upcoming album and certain interesting controversies. Read on to find out more.

Q: Who is Sista Afia?

A: Oh okay… Sista Afia is a musician, an entertainer… Sista Afia is very very hardworking. I think that’s what I can say for now.

Q: You recently launched your Queen Solomon album. How is the feedback so far?

A: it was a very great feeling because I always wanted to have my own album and to actually sit in the studio recording every day, it shows how passionate I was about it. And yh, I’m happy the music is doing well, the album is doing well. I get calls each and every single day complementing the album.

Q: You are out with a new single, Weather. Was it on your recent album or would it be on an upcoming album?

A: Oh no… it’s a new one on my upcoming album, Queen Solomon Reloaded.

Q: Why the choice of Medikal and Quamina MP as features on your Weather single?

A: I think it wasn’t planned. It was just God’s doing. I mean I was done recording the song and Medikal came to the house and heard it and was like yeah… let me do a verse. He was just playing but it actually sounded good. Same as Quamina. He came to record a song in the house and heard it too and liked it and added another verse to it. So, it wasn’t planned. It just happened.

Q: Any exclusives from your camp?

A: Oh … hahahaha…. But I just gave you one…. Ok there would be a concert by the end of the year.

Q: Any collaborations ahead?

A: Oh yes. There is a Nigerian collaboration we are yet to release after Weather that has got Victor AD on.

Q: We know you to be the niece of Archbishop Duncan Williams. Do you know of her daughter who is also a Gospel artiste named Ella Duncan Williams King?

A: No, the Duncan Williams family is huuuge. I don’t know her.

Q: Ok. So, who do you look up to in the industry?

A: Becca, Kaakie, Efya, Mzbel, all the girls who came to pave the way for us. I think I have been watching their videos even before I released my first single. They all inspire me each and every single day.

Q: Who steps on your toes in the industry so far?

A: Nobody can step on my toes in this industry…. hehe…

Q: We saw you twerking for Patapaa in a viral video. What do you think about his artistry? Does he do music?

A: Of course. So far as his song is playing across the globe, he is doing something right. We might not understand him for what he does but I think the more we don’t understand him, the more it elevates him.

Q: How would you describe the video for weather?

A: It’s one of best videos so far, it’s out of the box and special because it has two of my closest brothers on it; Medikal and Quamina MP; these 2 would die for me. It’s everything.

Q: Any final words to your fans?

A: I love everybody. It’s amazing how when I’m in traffic these people just jump on my car …hahaha…. It’s nice … it’s …. It’s a very great feeling. They’ve been supportive and they are the reason why I would not stop doing music. They should keep loving and supporting my music and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Q: The other day at the VGMAs we saw Efya deliver an unusual performance of some Gospel songs. Knowing you and your brand, can you do something similar If given the opportunity?

A: Why not. I mean… I haven’t been called to do it and I haven’t gotten the opportunity to do it but I can and I would. I started with Gospel you know…. So why not?

Q: Ok. It’s been nice having you here at Ghanamusic.com but just bow out with one more exclusive from your camp.

A: hehehe…. Ok…. The upcoming Queen Solomon Reloaded album would feature Sarkodie too.

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